About David Anthony Martin

Span  |  A Collection of Poems by David A. Martin

 Digital Version 2011  
“I am a poet and an outdoorsman;
a writer, educator and guide
who has lived a life immersed in the beauty of nature
wherein I find my sense of place,
my sense of spirituality (or connection to meaning)
and an expansive sense of myself.” 


span is a selection of poems written by David A. Martin, reflecting a unique undercurrent in the reawakening of environmental consciousness in the American west. (Read detailed description and reviews of Span below)

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Span | A Collection of Poems by David A. Martin
Paperback, 144 pages.
$9.95 + tax and shipping.
David Anthony Martin is a native of the Salish Sea and grew up in the temperate forests and raincoast of the Puget Sound area of the Olympic Peninsula.   He is a published author, poet, blogger and artist. He served as a Ranger / Environmental Educator with the Mountain Park Environmental Center where he taught the award winning Earth Studies program.  Although environmental literacy holds a special place in his life,  he has a deep love and respect for literacy in general.  This has led him to serve the children and parents of his community as a Clerk in the Youth Services section at the nationally noted Rawlings branch of the Pueblo City County Library. 

David is a writer who has been informally inspiring, coaching and ministering to his local and global community for years. Through his mindfulness practice, work with teachers and a journey through a broad spectrum of life challenges and experiences he has received deep insights into the nature of perception and energy, which not only inform his poetry and writings, but which also allow him to guide others through the challenges of personal inner work on their path towards empowerment.  In 2012 he formalized this service through his calling as a certified Maven Method TM life-coach and started Empowered Path life coaching and programs.

Although he has traveled quite a bit in the United States and abroad, he has made Colorado his home since 1995. He currently resides in the beautiful Ponderosa Pine forests of the Wet Mountain foothills of Beulah, Colorado where he manages The PINES of Beulah guest cabins.

His first book of poetry, Span (Rhizome Publishing, 2011, 2012) was published as an eBook in 2011 and recently published in paperback in 2012. His publishing credits include poems published in the books Peaceful Poetry to Love Your Societal Consciousness (Ann McCall 2001) and Baby Blessings (Harmony Books, 2002) as well as in Poetry Motel, Junction, Mountain Alchemy and articles in the Pueblo P.U.L.P. and the Mountain Park News.

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7 responses to “About David Anthony Martin

  • Esme Viviers


  • Renee

    Saw your poem “One Billion Heartbeats” on the NPR story re: lifespan. Lovely poem, thank you….

  • Esther Friedmann

    I agree with Renee and trust that the pleasure of reading your poem relieved any existing stress thus slowing my pulse and extending its steady beating.

    • davidanthonymartin

      Esther, thank you so much for enjoying this poem and for taking the time to give me this encouraging feedback. I am glad to have relieved your stress and relaxed your heart in this moment. Be well and take care of that steady beating heart. The feedback I am getting from kind and thoughtful people like you are making my heart smile between beats. Thank you.

  • Michelle Fried

    Loved your poem in the comments section of NPR today (Nature Has a Way of telling us When it’s Time to Die)… I actually had clipped that same section on the heartbeat and was mulling that over when I came across your thoughts…so perfect and unexpected among all the rants and ravings. Made me love it all the more. Right now I should be working on my short story, so I will get back to it, but I just wanted to let you know what a gift you were this morning.

    • davidanthonymartin

      Michelle, thank you so much for enjoying this poem (written last year actually) and for taking the time to give me this encouraging feedback. You have made my day as well! I currently have a manuscript Deepening the Map with this poem in it being considered for publication and another manuscript nearly ready to submit. Writing is my love, and although many of my projects take a lot of time to develop, poetry comes to visit quite often in my musings of my daily world. Again, thank you for your feedback.

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