Digital Version 2011

Cover art by Matthias Valdez of Last Leaf Printing


“span is a selection of poems written by David A. Martin, reflecting a unique undercurrent in the reawakening of environmental consciousness in the American west.”
~Rhizome Publishing

Rhizome Publishing has gone out of business, and although my book is now out of print, I do have a few copies left at home, contact me to purchase them via my blogsite using PayPal or by check or money order $14.00 includes shipping and handling.

The cover art by Mathias Valdez of Last Leaf Printing takes the book as object” concept to a lovely level.  Span also makes a great, inexpensive gift for the book or nature lover on your list.

About the book

David A. Martin, an environmental educator and naturalist, holds hands with man’s separation from nature and man’s return to union with nature as he focuses on the beauty and elegance of Nature wherever he finds it.  These poems illuminate the simplicity and complexity of the inner and outer worlds of the poet.

Much of Martin’s earlier polemic works expressed the consequences of alienation from nature as being disastrous to the individual, humanity and the rest of the world. The poems in span exemplify the reunification, or possibly, ascension of man living in harmony with nature as a place of hope, healing, redemption and salvation of not only the individual, but also the human race and the rest of the world.

What others are saying…

“David Anthony Martin is a nature poet the way Frank O’Hara was a city poet. He has paid attention, assimilated the beauty and mystery of his surroundings, and let it color his poetry in delicate ways. He says, “everything will be alright just shut up and listen.” He draws from dreams and folktale and myth. He contemplates streams and trees and bears. And he does it in language that is beguiling, sly and as lovely as a September peach. These are poems to carry in your metaphorical pocket like small runic stones, with lines that you will want to contemplate again and again. Like this brief poem called “stream of consciousness:” “the moon is not in the quick silver stream, the moon is in the still, void-dark lake.” Span is delicious reading.”

Corey Mesler, author of Before the Great Troubling and Notes toward the Story and Other Stories

“Thoreau, Cid Corman, Lorine Niedecker, Whalen & Snyder, Sam Hamill and now David Martin, a wilderness walker returning as the missing lynx in the lineage of nature based poetry heartbeating it’s way into our gorges & forests – it has the aroma of wild mushrooms & the flow of a raging springmelt. The poems span the distance between old friends. ‘Less like a voice / more like a knowing'”

Mike Parker, author of Don’t Fall Off The Mountain and Wallflower Sutra


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