Get Physical to Shift Your Energy

Let’s face it, when you get into a funk it’s hard to get out.  It’s especially hard to shake those bad feelings.  You know, the churning stomach, the aggravated mind.  We’ve all been there, and we’ve all tried to think our way out of tough situations or decide on a plan of action in the heat of the moment when those feelings are gripping us and prodding us.  But that rarely works.  When we are in that condition, all charged up, depressed or anxious is not the ideal time to  make good decisions.

Get out of your mind, and into your body.

One good way to shift those feelings and get yourself back to a place where you can begin to work on the actual actions you need to take to change something in your life, is by getting physical. Call it exercise, call it movement . . . call it dance, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it only matters that you do it.  Do some vigorous activity you love to do, or make use of your ornery grumpiness and angry energy to try something new and challenging! Jogging, climbing, tennis, basketball, aerobics, kenpo, swimming . . . the list of possible activities is endless. Even some forms of housework or yard-work fit this bill, so if there are some things you’ve been meaning to do that involve movement, get to it!

Not only will fully engaging in something vigorous and demanding take your mind off your challenge for awhile, it will begin to shift a lot of things in your body and in your energy.  Your circulation and metabolism increase bringing much needed nutrients and antioxidants to every part of your body and cleaning it out, eliminating the waste.  Invigorating endorphins will be released, flooding your system with feel-good chemicals and reducing the sensations of pain.

Many people note immediate short-term benefits from exercising and has been proven to help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Ward off anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improve sleep

Besides these immediate, short-term benefits, exercise also has these added health benefits:

  • It strengthens your heart.
  • It increases energy levels.
  • It lowers blood pressure.
  • It improves muscle tone and strength.
  • It strengthens and builds bones.
  • It helps reduce body fat.
  • It makes you look fit and healthy.

Another thing you will notice is that afterwards your energy has shifted, it is no longer assembled around or attached to some challenge or underlying emotional issue.  When you find that you are in a much better place energetically you will then be better able to assess whether or not something needs to be done and when.  If it’s time for planning, you will have a clear head.  If it’s time for action, you will feel much better about it and more confident in your abilities to be successful as you proceed.

Vigorous or engaging physical activity can help one reduce tension and emotional attachment to a thought or situation.  It helps liberate your awareness so that you can again put it where it needs to be.  It can in many ways be seen as a magical method of freeing the awareness so that you can do the energy shifting work necessary to empower change of external things or find to find the clarity one needs to be able to see the gift in the challenge.  When facing a challenge, it is the Spiritual Warriors task to fight to see the gift, to achieve vision.

Every challenge is showing us something about ourselves,
something we can use 
to alter our life
moving us closer to our dream or into our source energy.

Shifting the internal energy from resisting a challenge or external situation to gratitude for it’s gift is often all that is necessary to actually change the external energies so that the situation or challenge improves seemingly automatically. This is the effortless way of changing ones life, of manifesting ones dreams. Once again we will be reminded that so much more of life is about being than doing or having.


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