Inspired Hikes

David will soon to be offering to lead spirited day hikes through a variety of trails and territory in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado and surrounding area.       David will make sure you are prepared for the days weather possibilities.  He will answer your questions about the flora & fauna and explain many of the bio-dynamic processes of the living systems of inter-relational harmony found in these various ecosystems.


There are many metaphors or “life lessons” in the world of the wilderness hike and David will guide you to see that when you take Nature as your teacher, Her lessons are revealed every step of the way.   Seeing the world around one in this manner  raises your level of awareness and mindfulness in a truly experiential way.  This  will allow you to actually embody the experience and the knowledge.  Although the guided hikes will adhere to LNT, or Leave No Trace ethics there will be much that you will be able to take away from this; memories, pictures and wisdom.   A truly inspiring day!

Rates & Registration

He will be offering Individual Rates, Couple Rates as well as a Per Day Rate making it more economical for groups to register.  Please contact him if you are interested.  Check back or subscribe via email to receive information on upcoming hikes and rates.



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