Responsibility vs. Blame

“Yes there are two paths you can go by,
but in the long run there’s still time
to change the road you’re on.”

~Robert Plant

When we blame other people we give away our power.  When we say that our lives are the result of the actions of others we perpetuate the self-image that we are helpless victims.

Every challenge shows us something about ourselves, some inner need we have which we are usually blaming another for.  Our feelings and our experience however are our own responsibilities.

There is no meaning to the events of our lives other than that which we give it.  Everyone has the individual power to have their own perspective.  The meaning we give to life events or challenges becomes our perspective on life and how we see our place in it.

When we hold a particular perspective and blame others for how we experience life, we are in essence saying that we are not in control of what we think or how we see things, that others are . . . and that we do not like it.  But after careful examination of our thoughts and beliefs we find that it was our dis-empowering thoughts or false beliefs or disabling perspective which was the true cause of our discomfort.

Each of us has the ability to choose a perspective which serves us, a perspective which empowers us.  Sometimes it takes the help of a book, or a mentor, a minister, a clergyman or a coach to gain that perspective, but we have the capability.  We have the power to see things as we wish to see them, we do it all the time only not always to our benefit but at all times we are capable of choosing to see things in a way which empowers us.  We can then begin to take advantage of our experience or to change it and in the process we grow and expand.

Often discomfort or frustration, anger at others or depression can be red flags that there is something in our own energy field that we need to take the time to examine. When we create the conditions in our life and in our mind to examine these feelings we can usually see what our preference would be.  It is this preference that we should work towards.

When we begin to take responsibility for our lives and our dreams we often find that we have actually been denying ourselves their actualization.  We can suddenly see many of the ways we were not allowing our dreams to manifest and our lives to unfold in the direction we truly desired.

One of the most powerful and debilitating manners in which we have done this, is by denial of our responsibility in the manifestation of the dream by blaming others. When we fall back on the habitual (cultural, familial or otherwise learned) response of blaming another for the feeling of this need we have intentionally derailed ourselves.  In our minds, through our thoughts and our words, we have given to others the power that we need to claim to begin to steer the ship of our lives toward the shores we wish to explore.  Essentially we have made the decision to not act on our own behalf.

What do you want in life?  What is your purpose in life?

When you look at your life now, what would you prefer to be experiencing?

How do you feel now?  How would living the life of your dreams and fulfilling your purpose feel in comparison?

“Change your thoughts, change your life.”
~Wayne Dyer


David Anthony Martin: Empowered Path Coach.
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