A New Collection of Poems
by David A. Martin

Now available on Amazon.com, at local southern Colorado businesses,
and select independent bookshops

Cover Photo: "the origami bird is ever in flight" by David A. Martin, 2014

Cover Photo: “the origami bird is ever in flight” by David A. Martin, 2014


“Thoreau, Cid Corman, Lorine Niedecker, Whalen & Snyder, Sam Hamill
and now David Martin, a wilderness walker returning as the missing lynx
in the lineage of nature based poetry heartbeating it’s way into our gorges & forests”

~Mike Parker, author of Don’t Fall Off The Mountain, Wallflower Sutra
and Walking on Water in a Razorblade Breeze.

“Deepening the Map is a collection that eloquently takes the reader
from mountain peaks to the depths of canyons and the limitlessness of open fields,
but ultimately awakens our humanity. This is a collection of work
that will leave beautiful sketches in the mind
while etching compassion in the heart of the reader.”

~Marie Loerzel
, author of Rock the Kasbah: A Memoir of Misadventure
Deepening the map

In his second collection of poems, David Martin uses the mirror of nature and the lens of attention to reveal the depths of life. The poems illuminate the beauty of the world and reflect an abiding affection for family, nature, and language itself. Martin’s personality shines in each phrase and image, dancing between ecstatic joy & monastic reverence.

Deepening the Map reveals a thread of contemporary contemplation and a continuing exploration of the interior landscapes of life and love, the feelings, dreams and fears, of growing up and growing together.

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