The Spiritual Warrior and the Unknown

“There are spiritual warriors and then there are those who are at war.”
~Mark Cloudfoot

To me this is an important quote as it refers to the crux of a great life-change or transformational period of my life and epitomizes my introduction into the path of the spiritual warrior.

Most of my life I have been a seeker and a dreamer, but when I did not see how empowered I was to effect change in my personal world, in my “separate reality” I engaged with the world in a manner which availed me nothing.  I complained, I blamed others, I felt powerless and oppressed by invisible overlords or governing bodies or “society” . . . literally my mind could latch onto anything as the reason why I was not living my dream.  But of course, these externalities were never he issue.  In actuality I was holding myself back with the very beliefs I held that it was someone else’s fault and that I was a powerless victim.  I was comfortable there, these thoughts defined me and my battle, and I actually believed them to be true.

But all my discontent and complaining and attending demonstrations “against” things were all just more ways to wallow in the self-indulgent feelings and beliefs that I was holding onto.  I was simply “in pain” and that was what it was all about.  Instead of doing something effective about the pain, i wrote about the pain, complained about the pain, rallied with others who were in pain and we complained about the pain, blamed others for the pain. I wasted years and years constantly wanting, begging, demanding that someone else to do something about the pain.

I simply did not know how to take the action in needed to empower myself.

When we feel trapped and dis-empowered, we are restless and unhappy and irritable. These are fluctuation or rough spots or ripples in your life’s flow.  They are signals, much in the way that other forms of pain and discomfort are, that something is not right and needs attention.  Often these signals, or “charges,” are pointing to something we usually avoid “dealing” with because it puts us out of our “comfort zone.”  Unfortunately, our comfort zone is often the “known” which, remember, we are not so happy with.
The Unknown“, however, is outside our comfort zone and yet therein lays the possibilities of anything other than what and who we currently are.  Any changes, any alternate future, any opportunity or doorway to any new experience or state of being, any dream we desire lies there waiting.

In the Toltec tradition the “unknown” is referred to as the “nagual
and is seen as a part of our totality, our whole or greater Self.

It seems as though the “answers” we find have often been waiting out there for a long time for us to step out to meet them with the bravery of a warrior. In the end, when we step out into the unknown we find a more powerful version of ourselves

One of the elements of my personal Spiritual Warrior Code is:
Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are for what you would become. 

Staying where we are, in our current condition or “comfort zone” will never change anything in our life or the direction it’s going.  Avoiding looking at the underlying message these signals are pointing to is keeps us from our true path, our true purpose, your true happiness.  These energies that are stuffed down inside actually create a huge power of attraction as much of your being IS actually focused on them or on avoiding them.  It’s kind of like trying to “not think of a red door”, know what I mean?

It can be rather easy to daydream about a life we would rather live or to fantasize about what kind of an experience we would prefer to have, but it is another story to get specific and narrow it down until it becomes an Intention.  What takes even more courage is Action, to step out bravely into the unknown, to expand into our “discomfort zone” of the unknown and claim more of it as our territory.

Each time we step out bravely into the unknown through action, we become a bit more comfortable with the ability to navigate it to seek the answers and life we are looking for.

When I began to work with a spiritual mentor, meeting weekly to focus briefly on my life, my dreams and my potential I saw great advancement and progress in my life.  I was tapping into a personal power that I had been unaware of before; the power to interface with the world through Intention and Action which allowed me to become the responsible creator of my life and experience. This continued as I began to work with a coach and later through my coaching instruction.

I continue to have a coach and interact with several coaches as my life and adventure into the unknown continues.

If you are looking for a partner to inspire you in clarifying your goals and into action toward achieving your dreams, I would suggest seeking out a life coach for an initial conversation.

Feel it out, see how it makes you feel.

Step into the unknown!


Working with a coach will transform your life. I would love to help you clarify your life, values and goals and inspire you to shift your energy and align with your intentions to allow your dreams to manifest.

“Change your thoughts, change your life.”
~Wayne Dyer

David Anthony Martin: Empowered Path Coach.
Your Ally in Achieving Your Goals, navigating inspired Life Transformation and Living Your Dream!

Contact me to set up a FREE initial conversation.
I’d love to get to know you and see how we can partner together toward inspired action
and success on your authentic path forward into the life of your dreams.


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