Deepening the Map

Grounded in Nature and illuminating the present moment, this collection of poems invites the reader into brief, contemplative spaces. Deepening the Map is currently available as an eBook via Kindle Direct Publishing and can be read with almost any device by downloading free aps. The paperback print edition will be available in the near future.


Cover Photo: "the origami bird is ever in flight" by David A. Martin, 2014

Cover Photo: “the origami bird is ever in flight” by David A. Martin, 2014

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In his second collection of poetry, David Anthony Martin uses the mirror of nature and the lens of experience to reveal the depths of the experience of life. Attention to the present moments and spaces shared with others allow many of these poems to function as mini-meditations. The content is informed by a lifetime of writing and practiced contemplation.

As in his previous collection, Span, Martin’s attention to details of his inner and outer world gives us poetry that can be ascribed to be within the scope and genre of Human Ecology. As an astute interpreter of both his interior territory and the outer environment, he guides our attention to the depths of the map of the Human experience of the world. In some of these poems, the inner world and outer worlds become interchangeable mirrors reflecting each other, in others they each become lenses through which to deeper examine the other.

Deepening the Map shows a reverence for the natural world which verges on sacred relationship, a relationship which inspires the poets sense of connection and meaning. Martin’s work is increasingly crafted to allow space for the reader’s participation. His language is visceral, you can feel work pleasantly in the mouth creating a syntax capable of riding the natural rhythms of the breath. Where he can, he favors line breaks that intentionally serve to open up the lines to multiple levels of connection and interpretation.

In these poems, Martin explores deeper territory and shows us the interconnectedness; the subtle web between all things in the increasingly complex relationship between humankind and nature as we move into the twenty-first century. Through major life events and brief encounters with the plants, animals, living systems and processes of the natural world, he reveals and illuminates the experience of Oneness.

It has been said that Martin is equally at home writing acorn-tight three line poems as well as the sprawling streams of forty-liners, and in Deepening the Map he offers us more of both. He balances the seemingly simple, but powerful and thought provoking “h ear t” with the undeniable, urgent romanticism of “vessels.”

Regardless of poem size or structure, prevailing throughout is an excellent eye and ear for detail and the pulse of the heart of the matter at hand. His recollections occupy all the senses, and reading these lines aloud, one discovers natural rhythms and patterns. These are poems to read and re-read, poems that transport the reader into another world that is actually our world; as William Butler Yeats said, “There is another world, but it is inside this one.”


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