Coaching Testimonials

What clients & coaches are saying about my coaching work and programs.


“First and foremost I just have to say that i got a lot of value from our sessions… More than you probably realize. […] You bring sacred space, safety, clarity and connection.

I did not trust men and was disconnected from and very afraid of my divine masculine as well as had fear of what was being said wasn’t true and I couldn’t trust “Man”

You helped first in creating and holding a safe space for me to look at things and be honest with myself, while not beating myself for my mistakes. You then helped me to look at things in away that allowed for a positive flow to happen and a shift to occur.

You mirrored back to me understanding but maintained clarity and focus as to the trigger at hand. Helping me to make that connection to the trigger, the emotions and reasons, that things would play out as it had.

I learned I no longer had to engage in the drama. I had to create and honor my own healthy boundaries and just stay in my flow, […] Learning how to preserve my sanity and take of my needs so that I can live authentically!

Know that I have learned a lot about myself as I take this journey and even more so with the sessions that we had.  I had to realize that I was in control […] Only I can change my story but a helping hand along the way that says  “I got you, I get you, but WHAT are YOU going to do about it?”  is amazing!”

~Maritday Rodriguez,
Aesthetic Wellness Coach


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