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A short Mindfulness Meditation article

What’s on Your Mind?
You might be surprised to find out.

There are a lot of specific meditation traditions out there to choose from and one may find this or that method more appealing than another, but there is a simple way of basic meditation which is easily adopted and highly effective in increasing ones awareness.  Meditation, after all, is a basic human technique of quiet contemplation. It is a non-religious, mindfulness-oriented silent awareness.

For starters one may wish to set aside 10 or 20 minutes to sit.  For something more challenging that may require extra dedication one could try two 20 minute sessions with a short break in between.

During the silent sitting, attention to the breath, the body and the mind is encouraged.This will bring about a realization of the mental activity, the swirl of thought forms in which we swim unconsciously throughout our usual day to day activities. You will begin to see how much unchecked and unconscious thoughts flavor our emotions and our moments. These thoughts often become the way we see our world, they become the experience we are having and thus become our life.

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New Poems of the Week: two winter haiku

fixing the tractor

scent of last nights love
beneath the smell of gasoline,
fixing the tractor

What phase was the moon

What phase was the moon
when you finally noticed her
following you home?

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Newest Article: Society is the Soil from which our Children Grow

Hello, hope everyone had lovely holidays.  I am looking forward to New Years Day and the beginning of a new year of expanding into my dreams and working with my new intentions!

The Mountain Park News just published another article of mine Society is the Soil from which our Children Grow, about the amazing work being done with Fifth Graders from the Pueblo City Schools District at the Mountain Park Environmental Center where I work with other Rangers and Environmental Educators  teaching the award winning Earth Studies Program.

I hope you enjoy it.  If you do, please comment or re-post or share it with others who may be interested.  You can find more articles on my blog!


David Anthony Martin,
AKA Ranger Pine

Environmental Education Articles!

I have added a new section to my blog where you can read  Environmental Education articles and learn more about the work I do at the Mountain Park Environmental Center

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David A. Martin

Thank You, Friend

Wishing You the Joys of Many Warm and Heartfelt Holidays in This Season of Global Celebration of Light, Hope, Family and Oneness. 

Hello!  I would like to humbly thank you for following my blog.  I am honored to find that you are finding inspiration and beauty in my poetry and inspirational writing.  Your subscription to this blog inspires me to move more in this direction in my life and is an affirmation of many of my intentions.

Here is to a greater sense of Oneness amongst all of Humanity and an increase in global Peace, Abundance and Well-Being.  May we all move toward a more mindful and greater expression of our Higher Selves and expand into our dreams with Joy and excitement in the continuing cycle of seasons before us.

Again thank you for following and sharing my work and message.   May our relationship serve to mutually increase our success, fulfillment and sense of meaning and sacred purpose toward our life goals!

David A. Martin

i no longer wish
when i see a shooting star,
i just say thank you

Poems of the Week: “all i know of heaven” and “fox”

all i know of heaven

leafless winter morning
vines on cemetery wall
are covered in frost

there are no stars to be found
when one’s eyes are fixed
on the ground

and so putting our lips
level with that starry pool
we both drink our fill

each day,
the dog finds a sunny spot
in which to lay

the things we cherish
are all i know of heaven



fox, silent, wise-whispered
and shadow-sleek
whispers in the wet night
to the warm silk, out of reach
just within your window sill

Feeling Ripples in your Life’s Flow?

The River and it’s riparian inhabitants showed me many things this past year on my morning runs.

When we notice ripples on the surface of our physical, emotional or mental states, often reffered to as our PEM, we can be sure that they are caused by something deeper, an obstruction or issue under the surface. The issue is not the water, the issue is not the ripple…the issue is some deep, old energy we must work on within ourselves to erode and flow over time. These may be fears which we put a lot of energy into avoiding or they may be long standing limiting beliefs or thoughts which do not serve us.  There are many ways we have slowly learned to cope with changes and issues in our life and many of them are based in a conscious or unconsciously habitual resistance to the issue or resistance to the lesson.  These resistances hinder our growth and expansion and are the roots of the ripples in the  flow.

Feeling any ripples in your life’s flow? See rapids ahead? Working with a life path coach will re-orient you to your life goals, help you see when and why the ripples are showing up and encourage you to look deeper and observe the obstruction.  With more attention put on recognizing and welcoming these obstacles as teachers showing us where our energy is meeting with or harboring obstacles we  can begin to more effectively flow these obstacles, take their messages to heart and begin to make very intentional and conscious changes in our decisions and thoughts throughout our day.

If you want your life to change, you must make different decisions, you must think new thoughts.  The only thing standing between you and your dreams are the obstacles within yourself.