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David is the author of Span, a selection of his poetry from 1995-2010.  His poetry and writings have been published in Poetry Motel, Mountain Alchemy, Baby Blessings, The Mountain Park News,  and many other collections, chapbooks, anthologies and blogs.  He has offered explorative poetry workshops for children at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center, selected the poems for the Colorado State Hospital annual calendar, facilitated poetry readings at Wireworks Coffeehouse, owned and operated  Anarchist Ministerial Press, a small book press which published local poetry chapbooks as well the short-lived community journal of art and poetry in Pueblo, Colorado called junction.


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  • Dianna

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for sharing your poem, “One Billion Heartbeats,” on the NPR comments. It is beautiful and evocative. I was, for a moment, in a state of aesthetic arrest . . . you have opened my heart.

    May I please use your poem in a presentation (open free to the public, sponsored by the community college where I teach) that I am giving in March? I teach on end of life issues (Death and Grieving Across Cultures), and the presentation will include numerous examples of artistic engagement with the entwinement of the art of death and the art of life.

    My thought is to read most of the poem, with a few of the lines sequentially appearing on the screen. I would place a link to your website in my attributions at the end of the Power Point.

    Thank you again for a lovely poem.
    Best regards,
    Dianna Repp

    • davidanthonymartin


      Yes, most certainly! It would be an honor to me and my work were this poem to be included in your presentation. Please send me a link to any thing where you use this material and I will link back to it as well. I love working with others in this way on matters of the heart and the human spirit. Please read and arrange the poem in part or however you see fit to accentuate your presentation. I appreciate your appreciation of my heartfelt thoughts and your taking the time to write to me. I also have another poem which was inspired by the passing of my Father in Law juxtaposed with a visitation by a Heron to my wife and I, which I am most attached to. It is about the fleet beauty of life:

      The Heron

      a brief, startling moment of captivity, the body
      moving faster than the grace of the wings
      following the low, narrow flow of the creek

      the beauty is not in it’s quickness
      but there is a quickness in it’s beauty

      fleeting, not even time to catch a breath
      before it is gone into memory,
      so quick it seems a dream

      ~David A Martin
      copyright 2012

      The Heron is an important totem animal to my wife and I. Growing up in Washington State, I had always attributed as a message of “patience” since watching one often in the cove near my home as a child. It was always so graceful and still, standing in it’s prehistoric form, waiting patiently (perhaps in in some kind of avian faith) for the fish to come to it and then seizing the moment in a blue and silver flash. Having transplanted to the mountains of COlorado, I couldn’t have anticipate one of these birds flying up the small mountain creek by our home until it suddenly flew through one evening.This totem animal’s meaning has been deepened and my personal mythology enriched with my unfolding understanding of it, myself and the passing of my Father-in-Law.

      Again, thank you for inviting me to be a presence in your presentation and for linking to my website. Let me know how your presentation goes.

      David Anthony Martin

      • Repp, Dianna

        Thank you so much for allowing me to use your poem as part of my presentation. I know that people will be touched by it, as I was.
        Thank you also for sharing your poem, “The Heron.” It also is very beautiful! Your explanation of the Heron as a totem, and the link to your Father in Law, was quite moving.

        Your poetry’s spare elegance reminds me of Basho.

        In gratitude for all you have shared,

        Dianna Repp, Ph.D.
        Instructional Faculty in Anthropology
        Pima Community College, West Campus
        2202 W Anklam Rd
        Tucson, AZ 85709-0085
        Office Hours (in H-104):
        M, T, W, TH: 1:30-3:00 PM

      • davidanthonymartin


        Your words honor me and my work. Thank you.


  • davidanthonymartin


    How did your presentation go? I never got back with you about it and was curious.


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