How to Celebrate NOT Getting a Job.

Lemon Yellow Cup Cake

So, you didn’t get the job.  Congratulations! 

You have just been given a gift.  I know that you are probably not feeling like it’s your birthday, but there is a gift here, and if you are wise, you will seize it and run with it.  This gift can take many forms depending on your perspective, but either way, you have been given an amazing opportunity to learn something about yourself and your path to achieving your goals, intentions or dreams.

“All battles in life serve to teach us something,
even the battles we lose.”
~Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain

Everything that happens to us or that we experience, each person we meet or interact with can teach us something about ourselves. It has been said that these events or people are either teachers or mirrors . . . and at times, both. These are very empowering ways of seeing life challenges.

Sometimes an event like this may seem like a setback, perhaps even a confusing time as you ponder “What now?” But it can also be a time when you become more clear about your Life Path or Life Purpose.  When we are clear about something, an intention or a dream, it is so much easier to make effective decisions which support the intention or dream.

Perhaps this situation has brought to light skills which it would be beneficial or advantageous to develop and embody. Perhaps there are new job related technologies, programs, databases or applications which familiarization with could be beneficial or crucial to success in the duties of the position. Who knows, it might be anything, but if you think about it or ask the question “What is this showing me about myself?” or “How can I improve my employability?” the answers will come.  Undoubtedly these may be areas that fall out of your comfort zone . . . an area we often avoid called the unknown.

Whatever reason you attribute to this situation or whatever plan of action you devise to improve yourself, now is the  best time to do this work. It is best if you can shift into it abruptly and spontaneously. This is the warriors response to a situation or challenge, to waste no time in response. Another way of looking at this is that you can decide to expand into being the perfect candidate for the position next time or for another, perhaps similar position down the road. This is in your hands, you have the power to do this.

If you do not know how you could expand into these areas or particular skills, ask someone.  Look online for references to skill building in these areas for ideas.  If you are in an organization and know the person who was moved up into that position, ask them how they got the skills or experience which enabled them to clinch the deal and get the promotion. This may seem daunting, and may take mustering up a little spontaneous courage, but believe me, it is very effective and shows your sincere dedication to not only to improving yourself, but also your desire to improve your contribution to the organization. Another sure way is to ask your employer or potential employer what reservations they had in placing you in the position or what skills and experience they valued that you currently do not have.  These are all great people to ask for ideas about how to gain such skills or experience as well.

Time to celebrate!

Once you have understood the areas in which you can improve and created a plan of actions towards implementing your growth and expansion, it’s time to celebrate.  Why celebrate? Celebrating this event will reinforce it as a positive step in your life, a refining moment and it’s something to look forward to in future job application attempts or other times which most people think of as “lost battles” or “failures”, but there is no failure unless you decide to see it that way.

Shifting ones perspective toward a positive analysis or perception of the event will greatly enhance your personal power, your confidence and your resiliency.  It will also reduce the time spent grumbling or in glum depression, self-depricating mind sets where so much damage is done to our spirit by ourselves.  This is a chance to re-frame your story about who you are, how you respond to challenges and how you strive toward success with courage and intention. It is an opportunity to reprogram your responses to challenges and adversity.

Yes, we are making lemonade here.

In fact that’s not a bad idea . . . make some lemonade, or a lemon cake or cupcakes . . . share the celebration with a friend, share your commitment to positivity and success. Believe me, you will be an inspiration to others and in this way, the gift you have been given is allowed to multiply to feed, inspire and heal others . . . you see, we are often given a gift which is immaterial, perhaps spiritual, which, like Love, can never be exhausted but given to many over and over and over.  It can be contagious. In a good way. The world could use more healthy happy people striving to live their dreams and achieve their Life goals with positivity and empowerment.


“Change your thoughts, change your life.”
~Wayne Dyer

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