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Remember those New Year’s Resolutions?



Spring is a time of reawakening.

Just as the Earth is waking up and the life force in dormant seeds has begun to work toward germination and sprouting this is a time when we can begin to see some changes in the areas of our life we were working on. On hikes I find myself eyeing the buds on the tips of the cottonwood branches and watching for the aspen catkins to pop open. When I am in the yard I examine the garden beds for sprouts, gauging the progress the poppies are making and searching for early signs of crocuses or daffodils.

It’s a great time to check in on those critical areas of Family, Finance, Health, Relationships and our various goals and to do lists. How are we doing? What can we see as “markers” that progress is being made in these areas or other parts of our life. Are we making decisions and taking action in the direction of our dreams? Do we need to change direction a bit, slow down or speed up? Do we need to redirect a bit more of our time or energy in a particular direction or maybe just get back on track?



“Change your thoughts, change your life.”
~Wayne Dyer

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