Transition and Transformation

“We can not solve our problems with the same
level of thinking that created them”

~Albert Einstein

We all go through transition.  Change is not only part of life, it might even be the very definition of life.  We have all heard that all change is stressful, that even “good change” is hard to go through at times, but it doesn’t have to be crippling.

 Change is a powerful force in our lives;
it creates the new, it is the means by which our dreams arrive.

We can allow change to empower us by taking responsibility for the change and choosing to see it and welcome it as the path forward.  Often we feel that changes are happening to us, when actually they are happening with us and often because of us. It’s easy to blame other people or organizations for the things we are experiencing, but if we look close, every challenge is showing us something about ourselves, usually a dream or a desire that is currently unfulfilled.

When we have goals and dreams the world around us presents us with pathways to manifest them.  Sometimes it is through opportunities to learn what we need to learn; sometimes it is experiences we need to have to embody the ability or knowledge we need to allow our dreams to come into fruition.  A crucial part of partnering effectively with the change or transformation of our lives is the ability to notice the opportunities.  Most of this ability comes from cultivating a perspective or expectation of it, that opportunities are always presenting themselves to us.

When this pronoia becomes something we believe or expect we begin to see the opportunities all around us.  When we are open to the possibilities we begin to connect with serendipity and are able to see things happening for our benefit all the time. We then begin to more efficiently make focused life decisions and take effective actions, which move us away from the things we do not wish to experience and toward your new goal; the preferred dreams and desires.

Large life transitions such as a divorce or breakup, loss of employment or sudden health issues can initially be disheartening.  We often cannot see the new emerging from the old when coming out of old and deeply engrained patterns.  Our focus will be “habitually-focused” and in a rut where all we can see is the old dream falling apart.   In the midst of these changes it’s easy to have very critical and judgmental thoughts about our selves and to identify with feelings of failure.

The good news is that each of us has the power to “re-invent” ourselves and become the very things you now wish to experience. We all have points in our life story where we were successful, where we rose to the moment despite fears and odds and succeeded.  Transitional times are a good time to remember these times, remember your power.  This will take you from a state of disempowerment or dismemberment, where you are no longer connected to your true creative power to a place where you are re-membered or, made whole.

Use these parts of your life to remind yourself that you have done and continue to do this re-invention and re-creation often and that you can do it again!  Allow this personal touchstone from your own authentic story to return your spirit of adventurous challenge…take refuge in it! Take heart in it!

The quote by Albert Einstein “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” can also be re-stated somewhat or applied here to be: You are going to have to transform YOURSELF to rise to a place ABOVE these challenges to “solve” them.

The recipe for the power that was your means of success earlier in life is not necessarily going to be the same recipe for the power you need to recognize and shift whatever is hindering the process of making the impossible happen in your life and work today. The new path of power will be a radical transformation in which you put at stake some of the old successes you’ve become and their recipes for the power of making the impossible happen to move into the new dreams and desires you have.

We have to change ourselves in order to transform the world around us.  The external world is but a reflection, a shadow. 
The power to change lies within, not without.

I know it is possible, I have done it, and you can too.  I know you can because you’ve done it in the past.  I do not know you or your story, but you do. I bet if you think back you can remember times when things looked dark but everything turned out fine.  You would probably even say that although it seemed traumatic at the time, in the end, when all was said and done, it turned out to be for the best.

If you are reading this then the chances are good that you are currently emerging into your own personal power.  If you choose to, your authentic path and purpose can become more and more clear to you through the changes you are now experiencing.  In your inspired moments when you feel immersed in the abundance and blessings of love and success you naturally resonate with this knowledge.

I would encourage you to believe in your dream and engage it with increasing frequency. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities which support your dream. Keep your spirit positive.


“Change your thoughts, change your life.”
~Wayne Dyer

David Anthony Martin: Empowered Path Coach.
Your Ally in Achieving Your Goals, navigating inspired Life Transformation and Living Your Dream!

Contact me to set up a FREE initial conversation.
I’d love to get to know you and see how we can partner together toward inspired action
and success on your authentic path forward into the life of your dreams.


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