Moving Through Life’s Challenges

“In fair weather the stones in the path seem like obstacles,
but when the storm arrives and the trail gets muddy,
it is these very stones which become the path.”

We are living through times of great change. Many friends of mine lately are struggling with aspects of themselves which seem to be chronic and persistent. These things range from physical illness to life long issues which seem to keep arising, challenges which present themselves over and over again. When faced with persistent challenges we often tend to focus on the external aspects of the issue; the drama or “story” of it or perhaps another individual who always seems to be co-involved in the drama. This focus of course is not where we need to be looking when faced with an experience that makes us uncomfortable or which we would rather no longer experience in our lives.  We cannot change what life will bring us and we certainly can not change other people.

Any challenge we face is showing us something about ourselves.  By looking outward or focusing or blaming another we are avoiding the true issue which is that there is something about our life experience we wish to change.

Life brings up these challenging opportunities for our benefit and if we do not take this opportunity to face the issue it will inevitably come up again. Instead of avoiding or distracting ourselves from the issue we can be with the issues, sit with them, allow them and in essence welcome them.  When we do this their very nature seems to change.   Embracing these experiences as a part of ourselves and not belonging to others they become a part of your path.  At times it is only a shift in perspective that we need to see that these challenges are transforming us into the person we desire to be with the skills to accomplish our life goals and purpose.

When we choose to habitually focus on life challenges as problems, problems are all we see. Often we fail to notice that what is staring us in the face is not a problem, but an opportunity to grow. Living things grow, they have a circulation system, they change form, they take in nutrients and combine them into new forms; they build muscle or cell walls, they heal, they eliminate waste, they engage other life forms, they reproduce. Change is a sign of life. Life is change.

When we practice seeing changes in life as growth, as an expansion of my life and as an increase of experience the things which at first seem like obstacles or problems on our path become the very steps through times of change. Once we realize that the true challenge at hand is in the way we see things we are able to stop generating resistance to the changes.  Instead we can choose to welcome the many changes of form in our life, knowing that new things are forming or coming into existence.

“Change your thoughts, change your life.”
~Wayne Dyer

David Anthony Martin: Empowered Path Coach.
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