Inspired by both the self-reliance of the beats and local adherents to a back-to-the-land philosophy and a youth steeped the Pacific Northwest’s ubiquitous pre-Grunge / DIY (Do It Yourself) culture, much of David A. Martin’s early books of poetry and art were self-published by his small press, AMP (Anarchist Ministerial Press) are currently out of print and collectible.  A recent collection of his works has recently been published by Rhizome Publishing.  He also has been working on several novels-in-progress, excerpts of which can be linked to through his Facebook pages.

David A. Martin’s book,  Span, has just been published by Rhizome Publishing and is currently available for digital download to computers and eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble  Nook!  You can also download Kindle or Nook aps for your phone including Blackberry’s and Androids to view Span.

It will be available soon as an in-print book available through these same book dealers as well as signed by me and purchased at this site or in person at book readings soon.


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