Today’s Poem


in search of snow

sunday, and choosing not to kneel down
in the fabrications of man,
much preferring my sun-star seen through fir forests,
and to walk grinning
on the surface of the lake’s icy reflection
and listen to it muse to itself,
to pass through mountain meadows
wheeling with a murder of crows, where

the winter solstice-bound sun
was waving in the knee-high seed-heads,
beaver ponds frozen and pondered,
mysteries of ice formations and
rainbows in the clouds, amazing vistas,
snowy roads with christmas tree margins,
big horned sheep near the summit
graze in the house of the wind, a dusty river

of elk flowing across the road to disappear
into the darkening forest, lingered
late in the last of the range’s lavender light
before descending through the darkness,
above, the milky way’s slow magic blossoms,
bits of windborne leaves flit and dance
in the riddled headlights,
the road to home and hearth
winds through invisible miracles

~David A. Martin
December 2, 2012

Photo: Copyright Amy Martin 2012


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