Poem of the Week









Tequila Sunrise

early passing
through fields
sprinkled with the dark humps of cows
power lines slice the silence
the rocky canyon surrenders
to a tequila sunrise
like a mandolin through a mango
a meadowlark slips its song
through a rear window cracked
to let in the fresh air as one does
perhaps a note beneath a door
reminding me

Copyright 2014, David A. Martin



My newest book, Deepening the Map is available in paperback and digital editions and Owl Light is nearly ready to submit. I am also making marked headway on my novel Lost Dog and frequently contributing to my novel jam and very excited to have dreamed an epic dream which i am excited to write into an amazing novel or series called searth. More on that later.

If you like this poem, consider reading a few of my new poems on my blog.



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