Urnatur : “of nature” Ring. textured Sterling Silver, Carnelian, Hemmatite

As a native of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State i grew up in a heavily forested area which verged on rain coast. In my childhood i would always bring back stones (and sticks and feathers and found baubles) whenever i went hiking or our into the woods around our house. I never really knew what to do with them though, i would keep them around as beautiful mementos of the places I’d been and the things i’d seen. They were often testaments to the mystery and

miracle of nature. Years later i still bring home stones, but now i know what to do with some of them so that they can become keepsakes and reminders of the wonders of this planet and the workings of the universe.

As an adult I reached a point where i needed to get the arts back in my life, not in an academic way, but in a hands on physically creative way. I was still a poet and a writer, and an occasional painter, but i needed something more. My friend Michael Boyd suggested i come and learn a few things from him and help him out in his shop. I was a quick study and loved the creative possibilities. My precise craft work in other areas of life (remodeling, carpentry, jack-of-all-trades maintenance man) crossed over easily and in no time i was helping Mike in the fabrication of his jewelry.

After working with Michael Boyd for several years where I learned metalworking and lapidary techniques i have been lucky enough to venture out on my own and have begun creating my own creations arising from my own inspirations.

I love nature and my work often reflects it’s inspiration in form, emotion and essence. Often when working on a new series, instead of sketching, my poetry and mythology and studies of world religions and language combine and lead me to create lists of words instead. Often compound words made from the roots of other words in many languages which give a feeling or a sense of meaning behind the ideas and images i am fabricating when looking at stones and material. I may end up with two to three sketches, but for the most part, my sketches are surrounded by words and word-bits, the pages covered in odd biological and sacred hybrids.


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