So much of my work involves the beauty of the earth it’s colors, textures, the senses which come alive and sing secret songs when particular elements and attributes are composed in a different arrangements. The beauty of this has never escaped me and has in fact informed much of the work I do with a unifying and connecting sensibility. It adds meaning to the work I do.  I see myself as one of those integral and intertwined elements of this one big song, this uni-verse.

I will be restarting my Jewelry studio and creative work soon,  I had to close down my studio due to big changes in my life and moving out of the home where my studio was. I hope to rekindle my studio and begin creating new works of silver & stone as well as producing paintings again.


Several of my photos are done by Steve Bigley at APS the majority are taken by myself and the difference is quite obvious with compliments to Steve’s professional presentation.


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