Top Entrepreneurs: Their Inspirational Messages

Conference attendees of  the 2011 Inc. 500|5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony expressed their messages for future entrepreneurs, which were captured in motivational photos taken by Dear World founder Robert Fogarty.  He had these entrepreneuers write the message that they wished to convey to new entrepreneurs by writing it with markers on themselves.

I found their message very moving and inspirational and realized that they not only pertain to entrepreneurs of new businesses, but to entrepreneurs of new lives.  All of their advice can also easily pertain to those of us in the process of transforming our lives through a variety of self-help, Life Coaching or other contemplative practices and modalities.

I’ve taken examples some examples from this slideshow to illustrate this notion and to expound on the individual messages in my latest article.  Please enjoy and may the information inspire you into new courageous action in your life!

1. Open Pandora’s Box
Be courageous and start something new.  This dream you have, this experience you wish to enjoy, this desire you long for is about testing your boundaries.  The work it will take to get there is about expanding your concept of your ability and your power.  In the end you will find that what you have done is expanded yourself and your new growth will reach out to new opportunities and new answers.  So go for it! Start something new you feel drawn to but that you do not currently know the answer to or how it will end up benefiting you. Step out into the unknown…all your dreams are there.

2.  Start Now (Start Early)
You will never be fully prepared for what is coming, Life is a process and you learn through the living of it.  Whether you are starting a new business or a new diet or exercise regimen…even a new life, you will adapt as you go along- what you need will arrive by means of the path itself. The journey or the way there, “The Path,”  is how you will realize your story and find your strengths and potential. All the answers you need and all progress are made by DOING, so don’t procrastinate any longer, begin the process of change and growth today!  Say “YES” to your dreams.

3. Dare to Dream
Nothing is too good to be true, dream big.  The dream is there, it is yours.  Others may not understand, but that doesn’t matter, this is not their dream, this is your dream! You are the one dreaming it.  Whether you see yourself as the one it chose to manifest through or that you chose to create it only shows how personal and uniquely suited it is to you.  So unleash those ideas! Look at all the people who had great ideas but were laughed at and ridiculed by those who didn’t understand or couldn’t see the vision that the dreamer could.  Look at Steve Jobs who was mocked for believing that people could make use of personal computers.  Believe in your dream, believe in yourself!

4. Focus
Write it down.  Your goals and dreams, your definition of a more preferable life or of your perfect partner or perfect job.  Write it down clearly every day to keep your passions priorities in mind and in sight.  The more clear you are about what you want, about your dream or your new life, the more power you will have to achieve it.  When you are clear about your goals and priorities decision making becomes easy.  Be clear, get focused and specific, then stick to it.  Write it down and revisit it often.  Each time you visit or inhabit your dream you breath life into it, you invest in it.

5. Persistence Pays
Don’t quit, stick with it.  Whatever it is.  If it’s your dream or your desire, keep at it.  When starting a new habit (such as exercise or diet) it’s going to take some time to get rid of the old habit and make this new strange behavior into a habit.  You’ll find that repetition and the doing of something new as often as possible will help ingrain the new action.  Whether this is eating more healthfully, saving for a vacation or exercising, a  little each day can add up over time. Don’t fret about not getting instant results, we live in a physical world, so use time as a tool, you will learn a lot on the way.  Whatever it is you want to see manifest, do it with more frequency, sit with it, think about it, write it down as often as you can.  Take any opportunity to experience it even in small amounts whenever possible.  Test drive the car, try on the clothes, keep asking for that job or raise. If nothing else, take the time to dream it with as much clarity and feeling as you can, in this way you are experiencing it (even for a short time) here in the present moment. It’s all about frequency.

6. Learn by Doing
Doing your dream is Being your dream.  Ten percent of your education is useable but 100% of experience is useable.  According to David A. Sousa, an international consultant in educational neuroscience and author of How The Brain Learns, 75% of what you learn is retained when you DO something, whereas only 5% is retained by listening to a lecture.  That’s a big difference. So get out there and DO something!

(By the way, the next best way to learn something which has a retention rate of 90%, happens when you teach someone . .. so become an expert and share your wealth of knowledge.)

7. Remember Where You Came From
This can mean many things and be useful in many ways to many people.  You can often find strength and structure in your religious or ethnic traditions or culture as well as your  family  or community values.  These can be used for inspiration and direction in areas as diverse as the design of your companies logo to the way you manage your employees.  Also, in our past past we have situations which we wish to move forward from, wether it’s a way of life or feeling stuck in a particular type of work, relationship or way of life.  These things can call attention to our true desires and these desires often have something to do with our life purpose.  We can use adverse, challenging or non-preferential elements of our past as reminders of what we do not wish to experience and incentive to take up the challenge of begining something new, of moving through changes or even stepping out into the unknown.

8. Hire Someone
Although this one seems directly related to the Entrepreneur as a businessperson or someone starting a new business, it can also be seen as an invest in a dream.  It may actually be the act of hiring someone to help with a goal you have to clean up or landscape the yard, or to organize your office or to take on something you do to free up time to be more productive in an area of your new dream.  It may mean hiring a coach or a therapist, an advertiser or marketing consultant.  It may simply be seen as putting any kind of investment into a dream, whether it’s money, time or energy.  Believe in your dream, investing in it can help you invest yourself in it.

~David A. Martin


Here is a link to the Dear Future Entrepreneur slideshow of photos showing their messages written on their bodies in black marker.  Please enjoy this slideshow and I would invite you to discover your own inspirational message…some of them may apply to you more directly or hit home more than the ones I have used in my example. The photos taken of attendees at the 2011 Inc. 500|5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony held Sept. 22-24, 2011, in National Harbor, Md. were taken by Robert Fogarty.


Contact me for more information or to set up a time for a complimentary conversation.  I would enjoy meeting you and getting an idea of how we can work together for your greater good, prosperity and success!

David Anthony Martin,
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