David A. Martin writing in the kitchen of the Mesa Hotel. Pueblo, Colorado 2011

David A. Martin in is a native of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State and an American writer whose poetry and prose reflect a unique undercurrent in the reawakening of environmental consciousness in the American West.

Martin is known for his personal, open style that often eschewed punctuation and stressed organic physical spacing as a method of pacing the reader and isolating the phrased images. Martin’s mature style is an organic free verse, with layered image upon image, allowing the lines to hang in space, largely without punctuation, often making use of alliteration and internal rhyme but often without rhyme altogether.

Although there was a sense of urgency in his earlier polemics, his more recent body of work exhibits an emerging style which imparts a sense of graceful contemplation, relation and space.

His first book of poetry, Span (Rhizome Publishing, 2011, 2012) was published as an eBook in 2011 and recently published in paperback in 2012. His publishing credits include poems published in the books Peaceful Poetry to Love Your Societal Consciousness (Ann McCall 2001) and Baby Blessings (Harmony Books, 2002) as well as in Poetry Motel, Junction, Mountain Alchemy and articles in the Pueblo P.U.L.P. and the Mountain Park News.


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