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New Poem of the Week is a thunderhead Haiku

New Poem of the Week is a thunderhead haiku titled Amethyst Pulses  celebrating the beauty of the moment many of us see during the spring monsoons and storms.

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This haiku about the approaching thunderstorms over the deep blue mountains as I returned home at night and  is from my notebook The Nameless Way Woven With Crooked Genius many of which I hope to include in my next book, Deepening the Map.


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New Environmental Education Article by David Anthony Martrin

Illuminating the Interdependent Nature of Biodiversity
By David Anthony Martin

Teaching a session on Mammals and Tracking with information and activities work together to impart knowledge about the connectedness or interdependent nature of the food chain and how it supports the biodiversity of an ecosystem can not only be very satisfying but also, as I recently learned, very revealing.

. . .

To read the entire article click on this link Illuminating the Interdependent Nature of Biodiversity.


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David Anthony Martin,


Environmental Education Articles!

I have added a new section to my blog where you can read  Environmental Education articles and learn more about the work I do at the Mountain Park Environmental Center

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Environmental Education Articles

David A. Martin

I recently posted in the Mountain Park Environmental Center’s blog.  This is an amazing non-profit organization I work for which is dedicated to environmental literacy and education.

New Environmental Education Article published”Society is the soil from which our children grow.”

“Society is the soil from which our children grow.”
~Ranger David “Pine” Martin.

Read my new article posted on the Mountain Park Environmental Centers blogsite: