New Poem of the Week, Vineyard


“I took the colors of silence and painted a moon on a moving curtain.”
~Bruce Owens

this line, resonant, repeating, it’s
playing in my head like a scratch-
blessed record of a cyclic moment,
a well developed nocturne vintage,
a rainy day breaths’ slow pleasure
of warm afternoons giving way to
cool nights and coastal morning fog
having had time to breathe before served
golden time here is the decanter of light
no dead wood but the axe handles

excerpt copyright 2013 David A. Martin


I have written several poems this year in what I am starting to call my “On A Line” seriese as they are written on a line from another poet, or a quote or even a photograph. This poem, vineyard, was spawned after reading a line from a poetic comment by the poet Bruce Owens, author of Rushes in the Eddies (and a forthcoming book to be announced) in reference to the following quote by Rimbaud.

“I turned silences and nights into words.
What was unutterable I wrote down.
I made the whirling world stand still.”
~Arthur Rimbaud

I find the interaction I have between poets inspirational.  Social networking has given us this new framework of disembodied communities within which we can dip into or dwell to any degree.  Poets, writers and other artists have an amazing opportunity to connect, give feedback, inspire and urge each other onward to ward greater manifestation of our art or our message.   Consensual acts of linguistic play can develop into so much more, adding depth and quality to our relationships to others and to the art we bring to the worlds eyes and ears.

If you like this poem, consider reading a few of my new poems on my blog and checking out my book Span (Rhizome Publishing 2011, 2012) which can be purchased as an eBook and read on most devices or as a beautiful paperback to be held in your hands and taken with you on your day.  The cover art by Mathias Valdez of Last Leaf Printing takes the book as object” concept to a lovely level.  Span also makes a great, inexpensive gift for the book or nature lover on your list.

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