A Poem to Save a Forest


Recently a call went out to poets to send their poem, nature, animal poems to the Han Shan Poetry Project which would hang them on trees in a forest threatened to be sold to developers.  Han Shan was an ancient Chinese poet who posted his poems on the trees and rocks of Cold Mountain where he roamed and which was his home.

Gary Snyder first introduced me to Han Shan through his translation of Cold Mountain Poems, containing poems of Han Shan’s which had been found and collected. Han Shan’s wild zen poems about nature of the wild and the nature of man were very  influential in my personal growth and in the evolution of my craft.  To read the haiku Owl Light I sent to this project click on the link below.

Read the poem on my blog An Illuminated Path of Heart by clicking here:  Owl Light


If you like this poem, consider reading a few of my new poems on my blog and checking out my book Span (Rhizome Publishing 2011, 2012) which can be purchased as an eBook and read on most devices or as a beautiful paperback to be held in your hands and taken with you on your day.  The cover art by Mathias Valdez of Last Leaf Printing takes the book as object” concept to a lovely level.  Span also makes a great, inexpensive gift for the book or nature lover on your list.

To buy Span now with Paypal, Click on image below.

Span | A Collection of Poems by David A. Martin
Paperback, 144 pages.
$9.95 + tax and shipping.

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