New Poem: The Heron

In honor of the passing of Pete Nelson I have chosen my poem The Heron as the Poem of the Week.  There are people and moments in our lives whose beauty is beyond us at times and since the unique character of each moment is fleeting and each form, each body is not meant to last forever at times we find the moment or person has passed . . . and it almost seems . . . well . . . I’ll let the poem do it’s work . . .

The Heron

A brief, startling moment of captivity, the body
moving faster than the grace of the wings

following the low narrow flow of the creek
. . . (more)


Read the whole poem, and a few new ones at my blog.

Span, my most recent collection of poetry in the Human Ecology vein is published by Rhizome Publishing.  It is currently available from Rhizome, Amazon or Barnes & Noble as an eBook for download to read on your computer, phone, eReader or other device.  It will be available in print sometime this month.

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