New Poem: Frequency Modulation

Frequency Modulation

there are no stars to be found
when one’s eyes are fixed
on the ground

i used to lay in my bed of secrets
and divine the unknown song
with the frequency in my teeth
before turning the clock radio on
low enough so dad couldn’t hear
and loud enough to drive me mad

listening to the forbidden rock and roll
animal sermons illuminated the darkness
with a fire kindled from the primal
universal touchstone of the desire to expand

i used to think break on through
had something to do with a wall, a barrier
now i know it is so much more
about expansion outward
into a sea of possibility

generative and nurturing,
not rebellious, not irresponsibly violent or hostile
a path of mystery and responsibility

my spirituality became a path of power with heart
in those dark moments of illusory confinement
revival tent blankets over my head
leather-clad wildman crooning a lust for life

there are no stars to be found
when one’s eyes are fixed
on the ground,

awareness spirals out and
the glory and power of each day
expands any desirable route
becoming a heavenly milky way

any barrier is an illusion,
any illusion a barrier

take a little walk with me
everything gonna work out fine

~David Anthony Martin


If you enjoyed this poems, you may wish to check out my book, Span, a collection of my poems.


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