New Poems of the Week: light in the darkness

light in the darkness

Last night the White Firs
pointed up at the stars
in the deeps of space

i thought i knew
and said yes, in agreement

but they are hundreds of years older than i
and rooted so directly
in the earth, they receiving sustenance
by interfacing with stars

i imagine this to be a far more direct relationship
than we mammals who are once-removed and ridden
with ignorance and cultural amnesia

. . .

This morning, while the green chile simmers
in a silver pot over a blue flame of burning gas
crows and jays call and hawks cry to each other
from trees darkly silhouetted against a baby-blue dawn sky
with floating shreds of cotton-candy pink clouds

i thought i knew
and said yes, in agreement

but their kind have been in this Earthen relationship
“50 times longer than us”

they use the stars to navigate at night
with a now instinctual ease

i imagine instinct to be the same knowing,
the same surety my hand holds
reaching over to cup your curved warm hip
in the middle of the night

and so when you murmured something,
half asleep, that i could not quite make out
i felt i knew, and said yes, in agreement

~David Anthony Martin


If you enjoyed these poems, there are more poems archived on my blog, and you may wish to check out my book, Span, a collection of my poems.


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