A short Mindfulness Meditation article

What’s on Your Mind?
You might be surprised to find out.

There are a lot of specific meditation traditions out there to choose from and one may find this or that method more appealing than another, but there is a simple way of basic meditation which is easily adopted and highly effective in increasing ones awareness.  Meditation, after all, is a basic human technique of quiet contemplation. It is a non-religious, mindfulness-oriented silent awareness.

For starters one may wish to set aside 10 or 20 minutes to sit.  For something more challenging that may require extra dedication one could try two 20 minute sessions with a short break in between.

During the silent sitting, attention to the breath, the body and the mind is encouraged.This will bring about a realization of the mental activity, the swirl of thought forms in which we swim unconsciously throughout our usual day to day activities. You will begin to see how much unchecked and unconscious thoughts flavor our emotions and our moments. These thoughts often become the way we see our world, they become the experience we are having and thus become our life.

To read the whole article click here.


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