Thank You, Friend

Wishing You the Joys of Many Warm and Heartfelt Holidays in This Season of Global Celebration of Light, Hope, Family and Oneness. 

Hello!  I would like to humbly thank you for following my blog.  I am honored to find that you are finding inspiration and beauty in my poetry and inspirational writing.  Your subscription to this blog inspires me to move more in this direction in my life and is an affirmation of many of my intentions.

Here is to a greater sense of Oneness amongst all of Humanity and an increase in global Peace, Abundance and Well-Being.  May we all move toward a more mindful and greater expression of our Higher Selves and expand into our dreams with Joy and excitement in the continuing cycle of seasons before us.

Again thank you for following and sharing my work and message.   May our relationship serve to mutually increase our success, fulfillment and sense of meaning and sacred purpose toward our life goals!

David A. Martin

i no longer wish
when i see a shooting star,
i just say thank you


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