Two Small Poems for the Week

journey as art

worm scribbles beneath
the bark of an old dead log
journey is an art

manifesting nesting

before the birds of the heart can nestle,
one must be still enough
for them to land


2 responses to “Two Small Poems for the Week

  • jessicamarie19

    I am take-it-or-leave-it when it comes to most haiku (and other short-verse poetry) because so much of it is poorly written. People seem to think that anything with 17 syllables or less can be broken into three lines and called poetry, even if it doesn’t say anything! However, when I stumble on any that make a real statement – then I am in love. And these (but especially the first) are just fantastic!

    • davidanthonymartin

      Thank you Jessica! I appreciate your kind words and appreciation of these little poems. I hold myself am picky about what I would call Haiku and put many things simply in a category of micropoetry if its a little gem.

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