Poem of the Day: “the language of the wild”

the language of the wild

as a poet, i seek the sensuous articulation
of the world from the inside out,

there is a relaxed trusting, a submission here,
a kind of freefall back into a pulsing, primal language;
the mind electrically throbbing with perennial  knowing,
rough as a hound’s tongue burr while also tasting of honey

looking closely at protean identities through the lens of time
reveals moments within the open expansiveness of form,
of the receptive and longing identity of the body
suggesting the sweet, fierce character of the engine of desire,
(that compelling and dangerous sustenance . . .)

the animal, lit from within by a restlessness, impulses
and flashing inspiration, beautifully choreographed
synchronizing motion and emotion
with nearly invisible, effortless authority

the language of the wild is linguisticly piercing,
connecting that which lies waiting at the core
textured enough to evoke and appraise the worlds
of both splendor and terror,

the language of the wild, sweet with song, tough with skill,
tightly woven, it is always capable of holding water,
and yet feels dangerous and original

a passionate vision to see the intoxicating energy
this living and linguistic verve of Nature,
this compressed and enlivened language
more expansive in both form and content
a high-level, yet sensuous energy



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